Tabletop Battles

A set of 4 books that gives clear step by step instructions for making a whole range of mini-weapons based on those used in medieval times and thereafter.

These easy-to-follow guides will be great for those rainy days and school projects.

Using simple household items and the basic principles of maths, physics and engineering, you can build an entire tabletop battlefield whilst learning about their history.

  •     Glossy pages
  •     Bright illustrations
  •     32 pages
  •     Dimensions: 215 mm x 275 mm
  •     Soft cover
  • Make your own small launchers

Make a battery of mini-launchers based on the real thing, designed to fling small objects (safely) across the room.

Try out a Ninja throwing star, blowpipe and rubber band launcher.

Make more and have a duel or deploy them on your own battlefield. Bite-sized facts explain how they have been used throughout the ages, too!

  •     Make your own traps and triggers

Spring surprises with a set of miniature models inspired by real-life devices.

Set up a spider box, marshmallow trigger and helicopter, and more.

Choose your target and area of operation, hide your mini-traps and keep out of sight. Bite-sized facts explain how they have been used throughout the ages, too!


  •     Make your own siege engines

Construct an arsenal of mini-artillery, based on battlefield technology used throughout the ages.

Test out a medieval trebuchet, spring-armed catapult and classic ballista.

Wheel them out as you conduct a siege and load with grapes or marshmallows. Bite-sized facts explain how they were used in real life, too!

  •     Make your own medieval castle

Plan a medieval siege scenario and prepare for the enemy’s attack. Defend your castle with warriors and battlements.

  • Make a drawbridge and portcullis, band of trusty knights and siege tower.

Set out your sturdy towers, patrol your ramparts, jump to your stations and take aim. Bite-sized facts explain how castles and siege engines were constructed in real life, too!

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