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Stickmen's guide to your body

Set of 4 books for ages 8+

Our Stickmen are ever-present, adding a little humour to a simple breakdown of how the human body works. All is explained with easy to follow, vibrant diagrams, accompanied by bite-sized facts.

• Cut-away illustrations reveal how the body’s systems work
• Designed to make science accessible and engage all young readers
• Some graphic details included, with a helping of humour

• Glossy pages
• Bright illustrations
• 32 pages
• Dimensions: 215 mm x 275 mm
• Soft cover

  • Stickmens Gude To Your Beating Heart
  • Stickmens Gude To Your Brilliant Brain
  • Stickmens Gude To Your Gurgling Guts
  • Stickmens Gude To Your Muscels and Bones

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