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Stickmen's Guide to the Universe

This is a set of 4 books that take a slide down the layers of the Earth with the Stickmen.

These books take a peek at geography and wildlife, exploration and research, Earth sciences and the latest technology.

  •     Glossy pages
  •     Bright illustrations
  •     32 pages
  •     Dimensions: 215 mm x 275 mm
  •     Soft cover
  • Guide to the sky

Take a trip with the Stickmen and orbit with satellites in the exosphere, look at galaxies through the Hubble telescope, spot bright lights and brilliant cloud effects, and see a raging hurricane in all its power.

  •     Guide to mountains and valleys

Join the Stickmen and climb up a snowy peak, dip into a canyon’s hot springs, search for gold in the deepest mine, and watch a volcano explode.

  •     Guide to cities

Perch on top of a skyscraper with the Stickmen, land at helipad city, visit a rooftop fairground, ride in a double-decker underground metro, and view a fatberg in a sewer.

  •     Guide to the ocean

Splash with the Stickmen at the sea’s surface and snorkel around coral gardens, find creatures that make their own light, explore the seabed and meet the giant squid, and dive 11 km down to the deepest trench.

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