Mythical Beasts

A collection of 4 books describing the biggest beasts and supernatural creatures.

All the beasts leap off the page through dramatic computer-generated artwork matched with lively text that tells you the beasts’ worst attributes, where in the world they come from, and how you might defeat them if you ever strayed into their remote realms.

  •     Glossy pages
  •     Bright illustrations
  •     32 pages
  •     Dimensions: 215 mm x 275 mm
  •     Soft cover
  • Monsters of the gods

Meet the top ten weirdest, strongest and nastiest beasts.

In ancient mythologies, many of the gods created all-powerful predators that unleashed panic on the human world. These horrors may be both beast and human, or many-headed monstrosities – take your pick!

  •     Demons and dragons

Meet the top ten most powerful and fearsome beasts.

Giant scaly serpents and fire-breathing tormentors loom large in myth and folklore, grabbing animals and people to satisfy their huge appetites. They turn the world of humans topsy-turvy with terror.

  •     Giants and trolls

Meet the ten most ferocious and gruesome of these mythical beasts.

They’re big, mean, and shudderingly horrible and that’s about all that the giants and trolls of mythology have in common. Some have several heads. Some have only one eye or lots of eyes! You wouldn’t want to cross paths with any of them. But what if they crossed paths with each other? Who would win in a battle? Which one is the strongest of all?

  •     Mighty titans

Meet the top ten largest and most invincible beasts.

The very biggest beasts of mythology are almost too huge to be seen until it’s too late. They are supernatural creatures that can challenge the gods, or reign supreme in the sky and the unfathomed ocean depths.

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