How and Why: Set of 8

A beautiful set of eight informative hardcover books.

  • Music - Wonderland of sound
  • Dinosaurs - World of the giant reptiles
  • Planets and Space Travels - A trip into outer space
  • Wales and Dolphins - Gentle giants
  • Robots - Brainiac’s and strong helpers
  • Energy - How the world is powered
  • Ancient Egypt - Golden Empire on the Nile
  • Cars - Horsepower, hybrids and turbo stars
  • Music

Find out how a music piece is created and why singing is good for your body. Dive into the melodious world of musical instruments and witness the history of music in the making.


  • Dinosaurs

Find out how fast T.rex was able to run and whether lazy triceratops was intelligent. Also, what weapons did stegosaurus use to defend itself against mighty allosaurus.


  • Planets and Space Travels

Join us on a journey of discovery to the red planet Mars and see hoe Mars rovers explore its craters. Be right there when a rocket is launched from the European spaceport in Kourou.


  • Whales and Dolphins

They are seen as gentle and strong: whales and their clever relatives, the dolphins. From the humongous blue whale to the tiny porpoise, the fascinating marine mammals can be found in all oceans of the world.


  • Robots

Experience the fantastic How and Why of Robots. Whether as rovers on Mars or as divers in the deep sea, robots are busy everywhere as hard-working researchers. But they are able to do so much more: Did you know that one the first robots was a mechanical duck that was able to quack and waddle?


  • Energy

Exciting information such as how does a wind turbine work? will be revealed in the How and Why’s of Energy. Wherever we look, the wonder of energy is all around us – an invisible engine and power source for our life. The fossil fuels coal and oil, which are used for producing energy, are not available endlessly. Sun, wind and water are the power sources of the future.


  • Ancient Egypt

Decode mysterious hieroglyphs and learn more about the sun god Ra. Giant pyramids, colossal statues of gods and eerie mummies. Silent witnesses of one of the greatest cultures of mankind. Five thousand years ago Empire of the ancient Egyptians rose to glory – in the middle of the desert.


  • Cars

From the Silver Arrow to the Moon Rover: Discover the exciting world of automobiles! Sun, electricity and hydrogen: All car manufactures look for new drive systems that are kinder to our environment. But the idea of refueling at your wall plug isn’t actually that new at all. Electric cars already existed 100 years ago!


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