Go Wild

A set of 4 books describing how to get around in the wild.

Devised and tested by an expert in outdoor activities, these brilliant projects help you find true adventure in the wild using nature’s resources – and your own!

  •     Glossy pages
  •     Bright illustrations
  •     32 pages
  •     Dimensions: 215 mm x 275 mm
  •     Soft cover
  • Be an adventurer

Are you fascinated by wide open spaces and like to know what’s over the next hill or where a path might lead?

Breathe in that fresh air and discover how to cross a river without a boat, escape from quicksand, take shelter without a tent, build a dam, and lots more.

  •     Be a survivor

What happens when you find yourself stranded in the big outdoors, without a cell phone or computer in sight? Don’t panic!

With these great survival ideas, you’ll learn how to build a shelter from sticks, light a fire without matches, catch a fish in your fingers, drink water from a frog, and much more.

  •     Be an explorer

Do you want to experience what it’s like to chart new territory and survive the unexpected?

Discover the unknown as you find your way in fog, follow the stars, find fossils and bones, predict rain, and lots more.

  •     Be a tracker

Do you want to be your own naturalist and watch animals out there where they belong?

Sharpen your eyes, tread carefully and see how to pick up animal tracks, camouflage yourself, hold a snail race, escape from a bear, and lots more.

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