How the Book Club Works

  1. Membership is free, there are no fees to join. Try out the Book Club and receive your Welcome Pack with the free gifts as advertised. Included in this first book pack, will be your two trial books to preview on a 14-day trial basis.
  2. If you are not delighted with the trial books, simply return them at your expense within 14 days without any further obligation. The FREE gifts are yours to keep.
  3. If you choose to keep the two trial books, your child will become a member of the Star Achievers Book Club and will receive two books every four weeks.
  4. As part of your membership, you will also qualify for an exclusive Yearbook and/or Calendar to preview for 14 days.
Please refer to the Membership Agreement on the order form for further details.

Five Benefits of the Star Achievers Book Club

The Star Achievers Book Club will help you to:

  1. Create excitement around books

    It's easy to introduce a child to books with their favourite stories. The excitement of receiving a special package in the post every couple of weeks helps to create a love and appreciation of books that is truly priceless.
  2. Facilitate bonding with pre-readers

    Our books are ideal for bedtime story reading or cuddling together on a cold rainy day. In time, your little one will start to associate reading with these fun experiences and so the bond between parent, child and book is formed.
  3. Build your toddler's vocabulary & stimulate imagination

    Reading with your toddler supports the development of language skills and introduces them to new concepts and ideas that they may not have experienced in the real world yet.
  4. Encourage self reading for beginner readers

    Short sentences and carefully chosen vocabulary will encourage beginner readers to start reading all on their own. Repetition of the favourite titles helps children to recognise common words easily when reading on their own.
  5. Build a library of books over time

    A big variety of books will keep your child interested in books for longer. The Star Achievers Book Club is a cost-effective way to collect all the classic stories and new movie releases.