Printable Activities

February 2018

Colour in the journey of Lady a beloved cocker spaniel and Tramp a mutt with a heart of gold in one of the best love stories of all time!

January 2018

Your kids can create an all new underwater adventure with Dory and her friends using their favorite colors and markers!

December 2017

Add a little Disney magic to your Christmas with these Disney character printable colouring pages using your favourite colours!

November 2017

This intrepid story allows young readers to imagine the possibilities of a real superhero and your kids can with their favourite colours!

October 2017

Mickey and friends are all smiles and ready for adventure. Bring them to life with your kids favourite colours!

September 2017

Your child can bring his or her favourite characters from Inside Out to life by colouring in Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness.