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About Us is a division of Jacklin Enterprises, a publishing and fulfilment company since 1997.

Star Achievers assists parents with a wealth of resources to encourage a love of reading and learning in their children from an early age. We also offer quality children’s books in both English and Afrikaans that make reading fun, affordable and convenient for South African families..


We firmly believe that:

  • The best way to encourage a love of books is to read with your child from an early age. It is never too early to start reading to your baby!
  • A key ingredient in your child’s reading success is to demonstrate a passion for reading yourself.
  • Reading with your child strengthens the intrinsic bond that the two of you share.
  • Books and reading lay the foundations for learning experiences later in life.


Our products such as our Star Achievers Book Club, the reading programmes and other
educational books are helpful in assisting your child with the speech and literacy
milestones that form part of early childhood development and beyond.

We hope that our ideas, expert advice and insights from other parents will inspire you to read aloud to your child and make story time part of your everyday routine.

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